The Paris Academy believes that providing the highest level of customer service is a first step in implementing outstanding education opportunities. With that in mind, we strive to administer a customized educational experience for any student in the state of Michigan that meets our enrollment requirements.

To be eligible for enrollment in The Paris Academy you must:

  • have a parent who lives in the state of Michigan (if the student is 18 or older and lives in MI, they are eligible even if the parents live out-of-state)
  • meet the requirements for K-12 education, including the requirements for starting kindergarten
  • be age 19 or under on September 1st. For students with an active IEP (special education designation), he/she must be under age 26 on September 1st

The Paris Academy serves anyone interested in an extensive K-12 online program and/or seeking to earn college or career technical credit while still in high school. We welcome students from a variety of backgrounds, levels of academic ability and educational preferences. Whether you’re just starting out on your academic journey in kindergarten, a public school student looking for something more innovative or a homeschooler interested in a customized educational experience, The Paris Academy will do its utmost to meet your needs through our wide-ranging choice of services.