The Paris Academy is renowned for being one of the most flexible, customized K-12 programs in the country.  However, an even greater claim to fame is its status as perhaps the only program in the nation where it’s possible to achieve a fully-funded bachelor’s degree while still a high school student! Through The Paris Academy, a student has the opportunity to fulfill many educational dreams, including 4-year bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, vocational certifications and access to a variety of other educational programs and options.

At The Paris Academy, we believe that students should be supported in pursuing an education that challenges them at their individual, academic level…and that level is often not related to age.  If a student is ready for college-level work then The Paris Academy will assist them in attaining that placement.  The Academy currently has students attending college classes at more than 20 colleges/universities across the state of Michigan, some as young as 13-years-old. The Paris Academy’s innovative model proves that age, placement tests and grades are not always accurate indicators of academic ability.  The Academy has repeatedly demonstrated that students who were previously struggling in traditional public schools can excel once placed in college settings.  Likewise, homeschooled and advanced students have also shown that college coursework is often within their ability at a far younger age than commonly assumed.  At The Paris Academy, students can enroll in college classes no matter what their past experience, and if they do well, can continue on to pursue their college goals.