The Paris Academy believes that education takes place at “any time, any place, any PACE”, and that each child comes to us with one-of-a-kind abilities and interests. With that in mind, we encourage a customized curriculum unique to every student who enrolls with us.

  • If you’re a student interested in attending college full or part time, we can sponsor you at any college in the state that allows dual enrollment.
  • If a career as a welder, auto mechanic, electrician…or any of the other vocational options is your goal, we can help you to make that happen.
  • If you want a completely online curriculum that you can work at on your own timetable, and with over 250 classes to choose from, we can provide that.
  • If you want a lot of interaction with teachers and advisors, we have that. However, if you’d like to work mostly independently, that’s ok too.
  • If you’d like a mix of online and college, or perhaps want to do a lot of activities outside of college and the online program, we will find a blend of educational resources that work best for you.

No matter what your interests or educational goals, The Paris Academy strives to be a partner and guide in making that path a smooth one. Rather than offer just one educational path, we offer many (and even forge new ones), every year. Each year we form relationships with more colleges/universities. Every year we add online curriculum and off-site options. We are the most innovative, cutting-edge public school in the nation, reaching beyond tired, traditional methods to open exciting new opportunities for our students. Quite simply, no matter your interests…if it can be done, we will find a way to provide it to you!