Nobody knows your child as well as you do, and we at The Paris Academy not only recognize that, but will work with you to ensure that the wants and needs you envision for your child are met to the greatest extent. From the moment of your first contact with us, you will notice that our experienced staff are invested in learning from you exactly what YOUR thoughts are about what your child needs. We don’t simply present a simple option to you and expect you to fit into our educational model, we mold the learning path to what is best for your child.

The Paris Academy offers a choice of over 250 K-12 classes to choose from, utilizing a variety of educational platforms. Our online format makes it easy for you to access classes from almost anywhere and on your own time frame. Our experienced counselors and teachers will help to guide you in choosing what works best for you, and allow you to “set your own pace” in meeting your educational goals. We believe that having parents involved in the educational process is a valuable component in our ability to do our job well, and think of ourselves as “partners” with you in your child’s education.

Our online K-12 curriculum offers:

  • Over 250 classes to choose from
  • Tuition-free online coursework
  • Virtual/online classes with “offline” activities as well
  • Early college/dual enrollment
  • Clubs and field trips
  • Certified staff providing teaching, mentoring, and advising services
  • Tutoring and disability services, assistive technology, advocacy and referrals
  • Scholarships for educational services outside of what we offer
  • Remediation/skill-building courses and test preps (including ACT, SAT, GED, Compass, etc.)

Another exciting option The Paris Academy offers is our early college program. For those students interested in earning college credit, The Paris Academy sponsors students at any college/university or tech center in the state of Michigan in taking online or on-campus college classes. With us, your son/daughter has the ability to earn college credits, and in some cases a 4-year, bachelor’s degree while still a “high school student”! Various levels of funding are offered, and some of our graduates have technical certifications, associate’s and bachelor’s degrees tuition free! With this option, college classes can be taken in addition to, or in place of, high school classes—potentially saving years of a student’s time and money. For example, an English class completed at a local college may also count as an English credit for high school, earning your child college credits toward his/her degree at the same time as completing high school requirements.
Students also love the freedom and choice college gives them, where we encourage students to pursue their interests and set their own schedules to what works best for their family. Students also generally have access to many resources the college provides (tutoring, services, clubs, etc), bringing added value to The Paris Academy early college experience.
For more information on our early college component, please see our “dual enrollment” page.

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