The Paris Academy/PACE prides itself on being homeschooler-friendly!  From the time of its inception, The Paris Academy has embraced the fundamental beliefs that each child has unique academic needs and a right to pursue the education that fits those needs.  Those basic principles have always made us a natural fit for the homeschooling community and an outstanding choice for almost any homeschooled K-12 child.  Rather than presenting the typical public school model of forcing a student into one, set curriculum, The Paris Academy molds the curriculum around the needs of the student, working together with families to provide the best possible fit.  Just a few of the advantages of our program over other public schools:

  • Students can “learn at their own PACE”.  Our students can work 8 hours one day, 2 hours the next or even take a couple days off to pursue other academic endeavors.  We recognize that every student learns at a different “pace”.
  • Classes are chosen by the student/parent.  There are core curriculum requirements, but they can be met in a variety of ways.  With over 250 online classes to choose from, college courses and other outside educational options, the best learning path can be chosen for each individual student.
  • Unlike many traditional schools where students are assigned classes for the entire year, students are never stuck with the classes they start out with at our Academy.  If a student decides that a particular online course isn’t right for him, he can easily just switch to another class that is more in line with his needs. 
  • We don’t take the “gotcha” approach.  At many traditional schools, it’s easy to feel like they’re just looking for a way to disqualify you, force you into things you don’t want/need or even penalize you for not meeting their pre-set standards.  At The Paris Academy, we recognize and respect the uniqueness of each individual family and work with them at their level of comfort.
  • If a student finds that she would rather take a college course rather than one of our online ones, that’s fine. If an outside sporting activity or homeschool co-op offers a class that’s a better fit, we acknowledge the educational benefits of that as well.  There are many paths to learning!
  • For students who are academically ambitious, The Paris Academy allows students to take more classes than the usual full-time load if they wish, including involvement in outside actives and college coursework. 

Overall, The Paris Academy fits the curriculum to the student’s needs and does so with a multitude of options and resources.  At The Paris Academy you can wave goodbye to the 8-4, 5 day/week grind, forget about being forced into things you don’t need and relax as we help YOU make YOUR educational dreams come true.