Due to its specialized curriculum, The Paris Academy provides a superior fit for almost any student, but is a particularly outstanding choice for advanced students. The Paris Academy is the only early college program in the nation that allows students to achieve up to a fully-funded bachelor’s degree while still in high school! Aside from offering the most individualistic and innovative approach of any dual enrollment option, the Academy also takes a free-thinking attitude toward education, working with students to adjust our academic options to student’s needs.

Students enrolled in The Paris Academy can begin college classes at any age. Our dual enrolled students have taken college classes as young as 13, and we have had “full time” college students as young as 14! Two of our graduates achieved university Bachelor’s degrees by the age of 19, completing their high school diploma at the same time as finishing college! Many of our students complete certifications, associates degrees or accumulate a number of credits toward a degree that will significantly help decrease their college debt load. There are numerous opportunities within The Paris Academy for students to choose their own path, but the early college option is certainly one of the most popular. Any vocational program, college or university in the state of Michigan that accepts dual enrolled students is an option for students enrolled with The Paris Academy.

Advanced students are particularly well-served by The Paris Academy program due to its freedom of choice as well the versatility and support it provides. For students who are not interested in the college option, the Academy assists students in completing their high school diploma via our extensive selection of online class options as well as an endless variety of extracurricular and other educational activities. For the most part, whatever academic path the student desires, The Paris Academy will do everything possible to make it happen!