We are sorry to report that the academy was officially closed on June 21, 2018 by the Board of Directors of The Paris Academy. At this time, the administration has not received any more information, but will communicate information as it becomes available. It is our understanding that a systematic process will take place to dissolve the school. We are very sorry for this news and all it means for our staff, students, and their families. We wish you all the best in your future educational endeavors.

The Paris Academy Staff

A New Choice in Online Learning

The Paris Academy is a new Cyber School of Excellence! We are a tuition-free public school academy in Michigan. We offer extensive virtual learning courses that include both online and offline learning activities, dual enrollment (free college), and career-technical opportunities to our students, who range from grades K-12. We provide instruction from certified & highly-qualified teachers, as well as free tutoring and a number of additional learning and social activities.

Our Mission

The mission of The Paris Academy is to empower parents and students to direct their own learning path by creating a flexible, high-quality and compelling learning program that is custom-tailored to each student’s goals, hopes and dreams, respecting their dignity and celebrating their gifts. We will provide a well-supported and challenging curriculum, including college and career-technical courses with free or significantly-reduced tuition. We will advocate for our students and school while partnering with organizations that can help us leverage resources and opportunities for our students, seeking to innovate and improve whenever possible. We are committed to graduating ethical, well-rounded, globally-competitive individuals who will leave the academy fully prepared for the next stage of their lives with confidence.

Why is The Paris Academy Different?

Our Curriculum

Nobody knows your child as well as you do, and we at The Paris Academy not only recognize that, but will work with you to ensure that the wants and needs you envision for your child are met to the greatest extent. From the moment of your first contact with us, you will notice that our experienced staff are invested in learning from you exactly what YOUR thoughts are about what your child needs. We don’t simply present a simple option to you and expect you to fit into our educational model, we mold the learning path to what is best for your child.
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